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Good job great game

Great game

I just got the game and I am already addicted, one problem is that there is “fuel” and battles require 2-? Fuel to play do it limits how long you can play until your fuel recharges but this happens pretty fast, but overall it is a great game and really easy to learn and play so great job


Love it

Space jets

I like the game keep it coming

Great game

This game is so fun! I can't stop playing it.



Great game

I really wish there would be team battle and different weapons and items like rail gun or magnetic field that can bend the projectiles trajectory or something like that that would be great.

Fun game

When I downloaded this game I expected it to be one of The games the creators put no work into it. but instead I found an amazing game with intense and fun gameplay.

Fun game

Fun phone game with good graphics. No need to pay for upgrades, game is pretty straight forward and worth the DL

Great Game

Really fun

JUGGALO approved

Seams to be quite better then I originally that

Good game. Could up the graphics a little but still fun!

The game is great and fun. With a little touch to the graphics I could look better.


It’s fun

This is awesome

This is awesome

ridiculously awesome 😀😀😀

This game is great. I’ve always liked space shooters and I think i found my favorite game. I have 1 suggestion though what about adding that feature in many Ariel combat games were you have to make your ship go side ways then pull up to turn but really It would be cool to be able to do evasive maneuvers


You find a few games like this, but not as good as this one!

Good for skill


........ Almost Stupid

Awesome graphics and play but, Hook and bate! I became good, real good, dominating the maps. The first six levels were awesome! Then you are pitted against ungodly opponents that paid to play where their gun fire is 50 X yours and impenetrable shield's. So I dropped 20, then another 20, then another 20 and got the best ship in my level, beefed up my fire power and defenses and I am still canon fodder. As soon as I spohn, I am pegged off BEFORE I can even hit the excelerator and begin to move! Pathetic. So how this game works is the people that paid to play with hundreds of dollars are given others as target practice and are reward for shooting down people like me without such deep pockets. There is a solid line. You are either VIP, or a clay pigeon -No in-between. It’s made to piss you off so you keep dropping coin. It's a simple as that. I despise this type of business model.

Space game




Really COOL

This game is really fun!

Wrote this to get some rewards :P


It could be a lot better.....but it is OK.

The game is alright but all you do is fly and upgrade, flying and upgrading so could you add some more to plz?!


Controls are too confusing.

Space jet

A fun and exciting game

forced reviewing

one star to anyone who gives in game rewards for nagging you to leave a review. Thanks for the currency! Also, having to wait rl time to purchase upgrades with in game currency is complete BS

5 Stars

Great Game.

Great Star Fighter experience.

Space Jet is a great pvp Star fighter game with decent controls and awesome graphics. In game items are pricey but it’s fun working towards the ship of your dreams.

Location control please?

I love this game and would love to give it five stars but I just can't get past the fact that it uses my location without asking and posting it to everyone in the same place as me. I would very much like an option to turn this off. UPDATE: This game has become a pay-to-win massacre. I can’t join a single game that isn’t full of overpowered VIP members. If this isn’t fixed soon I’m uninstalling.


Love this game... addictive


Runs pretty well on normal graphics settings but can be a ridiculously laggy at times. 10/10 graphics takes a while to level up but other then that it is a really fun and addictive game. Happy gaming!

A great game

This is a very nice game that gives a special thrill as u go dashing through space leaving destruction in your wake but still is challenging like a fighter game should be though there are some things that need improving less pay to win being able to get money easier and fine tune the controls




Very good fun game, good gameplay and all, bigger maps though


I’ve been looking for a good game that is related to space and hi tech

chicken nuggets are like this game

everyone likes chicken nuggets right so everybody likes this game makes me feel good about myself and I like flying in 3-D so that's pretty cool I hope you like chicken nuggets as much as I do thank you

Cool spaceship game

This game is great and not too violent for younger kids to play. One of the parts I like is that you can upgrade your ship and the game will teach you how to play it. The only problem is that it can be hard to control your ship in the game.

Very good

Fun to surpass other players

So addictive

This game is so fun!!! It's so addictive! It's a little weird controls but it's not that hard to get used to.

Awesome game.

This is the game I've been looking for for a long time.

Amazing but

I bought something and it didn’t save


Great game but what the hell is that skill curve

A great time killer

Pretty good game so far. I’ve been playing Battle of Warplanes and I love that game so I thought it be pretty cool to play a space dogfighting game. And so far I like this game. Good job.

Best game

This game is awesome you can battle to the death and stuff


Puts a new standard on mobile games and best I’ve ever seen

Very very very impressed!

Most space flying games are kinda cruddy and laggy or else not what I want. This is not. It runs smoothly 9.5/10 and the logistics are great. I had issues with the controls, but figured out how to invert them. My only problem is the spaceships are slightly overpriced. Great game, definitely exceeded expectations!

Space Jet

Fantastic Game! Nice to fly through space in my family room! ☺️


I got this game because I love Star Wars, and it is just like Star Wars. Great Game!

Such a fun game

This game is the best space fighting game i have ever played, it is difficult ,fun ,and addictive . Usually online games are very glitchy but this one barely I highly recommend this game.GET IT IF YOU CAN

Amazing fighter game

It’s just what I needed. I am a huge Star Wars fan and I wanted to find a “x-wing” flight simulator. This is like it! Think about making a x wing flight simulator like this! One more thing.. some times the other ships are REALLY BUGGY ABD GLITCHY AND I MEAN REALLY BUGGY AND LAGGY they don’t move! Once again, thanks. Your biggest fan, lashony P. PEACE OUT

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